The Outpost: Axis

The Outpost is situated at the axis where space meets time.  It is the only here I know.  After leaving so many theres it is only here that I am home.

Imagine a compass rose.  Imagine North & South to be space.  Imagine East & West to be time.  Imagine a double exposed photograph where a young girl and an old woman are occupying one body.  Imagine this old girl is writing you love letters from the preconception beyond death.  Imagine a pivot point where the needle centers on the compass.  Imagine here.

I am not checking passports.  Every refugee is welcome here.

& when they say “you have nothing”
or when they say “you are no one”

Remember The Outpost.
Imagine it here at the pivot point.
Here at the axis where space & time collide.
We have always been here.
We will always come back.