Dear Beloved Abstract Reader:

Welcome to this little corner of creative obsession.  The work I do revolves around ideas, and that there is very little value to keeping this work to myself — trapped in my head — bound in a notebook — locked in a filing cabinet — kept safe from your (abstract) judging eyes.

From this Outpost at the border between Spacetime and the Void, I am sending you signals.  They may be clear, beloved, they may be obscure.  But I am writing, speaking, singing, aching, trying to reach you.

I am struggling to make sense of why life is so terrifying for sensitive people.  Trying to keep growing, to keep changing, to keep fighting against the complacency that creeps like morning glory into the fabric of our days.

of all the word-joints in all the internet-corners of all the universe, you clicked into mine.

❤  kiana



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