What does it mean to be grateful for pain?
I read recently that all of philosophy is not worth one hour of pain — but really?
What do we fear in this pain?

that it will never end

that it will erase us

that it will kill us

& yet, physiologically, chemically, there is value in this shift

Sure, yeah,
pain reminds us that we are alive
that we’re capable of feeling
that we are not yet dead

but deeper than that, on some unnameable plane, pain ties us back into the tapestry of humanity
knot by knot
thread by thread
fiber by fiber

weave me back into the fabric of We

I am weak from separation

Mother I can see you: dark as raincloud

Father I can hear you: deep as thunder

your child is coming home
all pain & lightning & pressure

Swallow me.  I beg of you.


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