They Say

They say you have to have a clear goal with a project like this.  They say you’ve got to already know what you’re going to say.  They say you’ve got to have a beginning, a middle and an ending.

After a few years of tussle with this concept – fighting this “they” that creeps up with it’s demands – I’ve decided to return to this blog.  I’m not going to give you the autobiographical story promised in the last post.  I got scared to share it, so I guess I wasn’t ready to share it.  And even now, years later, I am still not ready.  So it’s not going out yet.  Hope none of you died while holding your breath.

I can’t promise you (abstract reader) that Fascinated: Caffeinated has a mission.  I can’t promise that it’ll be consistent.  I can’t promise a beginning, middle and end here.

In the past years of journal scribbling, stealth writing at work, furious letter correspondence, and the honor of being included in a reading series at Last Word Books, I’ve learned a little something about Fascinated: Caffeinated.

The little something is this: Caffeine fueled creative obsession will always be a part of me.  It’s something I like about myself and something  I treasure in others.  It’s not a goal – it’s a process.  And it’s been pointed out to me that maybe, possibly, some of you (abstract readers) may want a window into that process and a place to share your own.


So here it goes.  A soft re-launch of a platform for me to share some of the messy, complicated, obsessive, mushy, gritty, aching, caffeinated heart-stuff that fuels my world.  Probably some writings too.  Maybe a photo here or there.  No promises on content or goals (dear abstract reader), but I’ll be around.


One thought on “They Say

  1. Two things, 1) please do share all that which you were afraid to share, due to fear of being judged. In the search for truth, true values and true perceptions and reality … one must be wholly true … to the the world and to the reality of that shadow of one’s real self, that shadow of one’s real self which is a mere chapter in a story that has no end. 2) The ultimate creative obsession is The Creation … which ultimately must be disentangled from … when the soul is ready and ripe … in the course of aeons and time … if such lengthy processes need be. One after another the Soul sheds its illusions, preoccupations and obsessions with anything other then itSelf, God or the Infinite Reality and Eternal and Ultimate Good, and then merges completely with the Total Unfathomable SUPREME GOOD.

    ” … the root-cause of the illusion of manyness lies in the soul’s
    identification with its bodies or with the ego-mind. Both the gross and the subtle bodies, as well
    as the ego-mind of the mental body, are only media for experiencing the world of duality. They
    are not the media for knowing the true nature of the soul, which is above them all.
    By identification with the bodies or the ego-mind, the soul gets trapped in the delusion of
    manyness. Actually, the Soul in all bodies and ego-minds is just one undivided Existence, but as
    It becomes confused with these bodies and ego-minds which are only vehicles, It considers Itself
    to be limited and looks upon Itself as being only one among the many of creation.
    As a consequence, most souls are unconscious of their true nature
    as God, who is the oneness and the reality of all souls. Thus God-realization is present in them
    only in latent form, inasmuch as they have not yet experienced that oneness consciously.
    On the other hand, those very few who have cast off the veil of duality experience the
    soul itself without confusing it with any medium or vehicle, and in this experience the soul
    consciously knows itself to be identical with God. In the realization of the truth of this oneness,
    life finds freedom from all limitation and suffering, for it is the self affirmation of the Infinite as
    infinity. In this state of spiritual perfection the ego-life has been finally and completely
    surrendered in the experiencing of divine truth. God is known and affirmed as the only reality.”

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