Ursula K. Le Guin quote:


“He begins to take responsibility for his acts and feelings. And with it he often shoulders a terrible load of guilt. He sees his shadow as much blacker, more wholly evil, than it is. The only way for a youngster to get past that paralyzing self-blame and self-disgust of this stage is to really look at that shadow, to face it, warts and fangs and pimples and claws and all –to accept it as himself– as part of himself. The ugliest part, but not the weakest. For the shadow is the guide. … The guide of the journey to self-knowledge, to adulthood, to the light.” -Ursula K. Le Guin


A bound ephemeral mistress

A book is a relic of time. The time it was written. The time it molded on the shelf, waiting to be read. The time you choose to read it. The time it takes to finish and the time it stays with you. Some are brief windows, purchased and consumed like paper in flame. Some slow time and move like slow motion fabric filmed in a Santa Anna wild storm when the very air chaps your lips.

The library book with a big greasy stain on its canvas cover calls to me and I am swallowed whole.